PDX Trophy Cup : de Vierde Ronde

Portland International Raceway | North Portland, OR

I'm always looking forward to Tuesday nights, because they're perfect. It's an early week night that feels more like a Friday, includes racing, heckling and beer. Not to mention many friends and young families from Portland's amazing cycling community. Not that I need it, but it's also a perfect excuse to be outside in our not-so-fall evenings. 

The course layouts have been spectacular. Personally, I'm loving the techy, twisting outfield sections over the long flats, but hey, tune up races gotta get everything in there. And the hoopdies through the trees...klaasic. Chapeau once again to Clint and Will for their tireless efforts from setup to takedown. They are paying off: this version of the Trophy Cup has been stellar and only getting better. 

Long live Tuesday night. #tuesdayhardstyle